Gelita Italian Iced Coffee (a growing success in Italy for many years) is now gaining ground in the European market.  Apart from the fact that, according to its fans, Gelita is the most delicious ice coffee, it is also healthy.

In addition to Iced Coffee, we also offer Sgroppino and Frozen Yoghurt with stevia.

Stevia is an organic sweetener that is low in calories and carbohydrates meaning that our ice coffee is also free of gluten and additives.

The mixes are prepared with milk (Sgroppino is prepared with Prosecco and vodka) into what we call a “granita” which is a type of slush machine.  The finely crushed ice provides a delicious and refreshing experience, especially on warm days out on the terrace or on the beach.

These easy and quick to prepare drinks ensure that the hospitality entrepreneur are free to handle their peak hours of business.  You only have to “tap” the drinks and you can eventually “pimp up” the drinks by adding a sprinkle of cacao or a dash of liqueur, such as Amaretto or Baileys.

A number of reputable hotel chains and leisure parks have taken advantage of our Gelita products.  Also beach clubs are enthusiastic about Gelita and fully stock and serve our drinks.


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Machines & Services

Besides the possibility of purchasing slush machines, we also offer the possibility to first try out and hire our machines.  The rental amount is fully pre-calculated.  After the rental period of 6 months, if you wish to purchase the machine, 75% of the rental amount will be charged.

On purchased machines there is a 12 month guarantee for parts and labour costs for repairs caused by normal usage.  Transport and travel costs are not covered by the guarantee.

When we come to collect the machine and after repairs bring it back to you, we charge €75.00 for transport.  If you wish to use a courtesy machine during repairs on your own machine, we charge an additional €37.50.

After the guarantee period, in addition to the transport/service costs, labour costs of €47.50 per hour and costs for parts are calculated before the reparation. The MT1- mini requires to be emptied and rinsed before a service and be ready to be transported.  Furthermore, our response time is within 48 hours of notification of a problem and repairs take between 5 and 7 working days.


The cleaning of the machine…

Cleaning the machine…

The preparation of the iced coffee,
Frozen Yogurt and Sgroppino

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