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DiFrutta / AmaTe

DiFrutta, a ground-breaking thought!

I am the juice which has decided to kick against low quality standards.

I love what is beautiful and good. When I say good I mean what is also right and ethical, and for this reason I am the spokesman for a unique, healthy and sincere taste. I am devoted to Italian and organic farming. My fruit is grown without chemical fertilizers, pesticides and weed killers. I do not contain preservatives or additives. My label is clear: it lists all the information about my organoleptic qualities, because your well-being is really dear to my heart!


DiFrutta presents a full range of nectars, 100% juices and beverages of the highest quality; the fruit, carefully selected and cultured at the right point of maturity, comes from biological cultivations and from a controlled agriculture. The modern vacuum techniques make it possible to preserve all the fragrance and taste. The freshness and integrity of the product are also ensured by the use of the twist-off cap.

• Bio Williams Pear Nectar – Venetian and Piedmont regions
• Bio Peach Nectar – Emilia Romagna and Piedmont regions
• Bio Apricot Nectar – Basilicata
• Bio Wild Blueberry Nectar- Central Europe
• Bio 100% Sicilian Orange and Trentino Apple juice
• Bio 100% Sicilian Grapefruit and Trentino Apple juice
• Bio Sicilian Orange and Lemon and Abruzzo Carrot drink
• Bio 100% Trentino Apple and Abruzzo Carrot juice
• 100% Pineapple from the Costa Rica juice
• Bio 100% Tomatoes from Emilia Romagna juice

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AmaTe, Bio Ice Tea

I am the new ORGANIC Ice Tea from real green tea infusion.
I use high quality raw materials, giving the utmost attention to the origin of the organic leaf teas, directly selected by experts in the cultivated areas in China. For an even stronger, richer and healthier taste, my infusions have a low sugar content and are enriched with natural extracts of plants and fruits from organic farming. A wide and complete range which combines new and authentic excellence with important beneficial properties.

Ama_tè offers 5 variants of green tea, without added preservatives and colorings, prepared with real biological green tea infusions from the organic crops of China. The tealeaves are selected by experts and processed with the utmost care. The infusion of green tea is enriched with natural flavors and herbal extracts, flowers, roots and biological fruits to create harmonious combinations with specific functions. They are packaged in glass bottles with vacuum “twist-off” caps to ensure maximum product integrity.

Bio Ice Tea from real green tea infusion

• Bio Peach and Flowers of elder Green Tea
• Bio Lemon and Ginger Green Tea
• Bio Fennel and Licorice Green Tea
• Bio Pomegranate Green Tea
• Bio Mint and Lemongrass Green Tea

* ama_tè can be enjoyed in a disposable 250 ml bottle – 24-bottle shrink-wrap pack in the following variations:

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